Greek RMS

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Greeksoft’s Risk management tool Greek RMS helps your firm to get insights on such trading risks, in exchange-traded derivative and equity instruments. It provides live Greek value's of single portfolio as well as consolidated portfolios for analysis and “What-if” scenario analysis for complex option positions. Trader-wise, Branch wise, strategy-wise segregation for further analysis. Real-time MTM, Net open position, Gross/Net Delta or Gamma or Vega or Theta for individual contracts as well as cumulative. A must-have for all brokers and traders/prop traders trading derivatives.

  • Real-time MTM calculations at dealer, family, branch and member level.
  • Real-Time fund utilization by various dealers at branch and member level.
  • A must for options traders as it provides real-time Greek's for risk profiling i.e. delta, theta, vega and gamma.
  • GReal time Margin calculations
  • "What – if" scenario analysis available at dealer, branch and member level.
  • Alerts for Ban scrip traded, MTM, Fund – over utilization, un-hedged positions (for options / cash – futures).
  • Greek Portfolio Outlook & Management (Greek).