Tape Reading

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Greeksoft’s Tape Reading tool will show you complete market depth of any scrip and not just the Best 5 or Best 20. It will show you the entire depth from Lower DPR to Upper DPR of any scrip.

  • Our new system sits within the exchange colo and consumes large volumes of real-time TBT data, converts it into complete depth for retail consumption, compresses the data, streams it to our data center over a dedicated leased line, from where it is streamed to Tape Reading tool.
  • This adds significant value to active traders or those who intend to trade large quantities by giving them insights that is not available on the standard, limited market depth view. Knowing where the most number of bids and asks are placed incrementally across complete depths as compared to 5 or 20 can be a trading edge. Access to complete depth can also help reduce impact costs on large orders.
  • Tape Reading tool also has a Broadcast Tracker which will help you keep track of the orders punched in the market. User can Track the orders placed in the market using the combination of Price, Value and Quantity. This will help traders identify the scrips where there is maximum buy or sell orders (Bulk Orders) placed.